Sarah Ashcroft Reviews Vixen & Blush

New Salon opens just minutes from Oxford Circus tube station!

Long Live London Life
Watch this video. Meet Dalia. The face of Vixen & Blush. Her own hair is mid length and quite thin. We added a 3/4 head of Russian Virgin hair using the micro ring method which was enough to give Dalia extra length and full healthy-looking hair. Vixen & Blush offer bespoke hair extensions to achieve natural-looking results. Get exactly the look you want at Vixen & Blush - the home of bespoke hair extensions in London.

Stunning Before and After Transformation with Hair Extensions from Vixen & Blush!

Grazia features Vixen & Blush Hair Extensions!

Alicia Vikander and Vixen & Blush hair extensions!

Hair Extensions Before and After

What a stunning transformation! Hair Extensions can be used to add colour!

The Shoreditch Salon

Hello Magazine feature Vixen & Blush founder Sarah McKenna
Hello Magazine features Vixen & Blush founder Sarah McKenna

Micro Ring Hair Extensions London
The micro ring hair extensions method is the most popular in the UK. We are proud to bring you the smallest micro rings available so that this method remains discreet.

Becca’s Hair Extensions
Click through to see Becca's hair before and after adding clip in hair extensions. With Ready-To-Wear clip in hair extensions by Vixen & Blush we use the same superior quality hair that we use for our permanent hair extensions, and offer you a perfect colour match!

How to style hair extensions
How To Style Hair Extensinos. Some tips and idea on how to style hair extensions. With fabulous photos to inspire!

Specialist Hair Extension Salon
Hair Extensions London. Vixen & Blush is a specialist hair extensions salon in London. We love to work with clients to tailor-make their hair extensions. We can offer a perfect colour match using the 'Colour - blending technique' and we specialize in Russian Virgin hair and micro ring hair extensions.

Look Magazine Reviews Hair Extensions at Vixen & Blush Oxford Circus Salon!
Look Magazine loves Vixen & Blush!!!! Our new Oxford Circus salon invited Look down to experience the most natural-looking hair extensions available in the UK!

Micro Rings are perfect to add length and volume.

Natural looking hair extensions
Is it possible to achieve truly natural-looking long hair with hair extensions? Absolutely - we guarantee it.

Look Magazine reviews Vixen & Blush Shoreditch
Look Magazine reviews Vixen & Blush Shoreditch

Elle Magazine – Vixen & Blush opens a new salon in Central London
Vixen & Blush opens a new branch near Oxford Circus!

Hair Extensions for Wedding

A little Obsessed Blog reviews Vixen & Blush

Daily Mail publishes survey from Vixen & Blush

The Central Salon

Russian Virgin Hair from Vixen & Blush

iD features the face of Vixen & Blush

Daily Mail Looks at how much women spend on their hair!

Hair Extensions for volume
Hair Extensions for Volume - do you already have long hair and simply need to add volume? Many celebrities use discreet hair extensions to add volume.

Client Testimonial
Reviews of hair extensions salons are really important in making your decision. We asked a few of our clients to go in front of the camera and be interviewed about their experiences at Vixen & Blush. Hear what they have to say.

Really Ree reviews Vixen & Blush

Healthy Looking Hair
Hair Extensions to add volume. What can you do with thin and lifeless hair? Hair Extensions are instant. Which celebrities wear hair extensions to add volume?

Client Testimonial

Grumpy, but still has good hair.
Avoid the 'bad hair day' by investing in hair extensions. You can now style your hair and look good all day long.

Hair Extensions for short hair
Hair Extensions for short hair. Here is our best advice and guidance for those of you with short hair who want to add length, but still achieve natural looking results. How long does my hair need to be for hair extensions?

Daily Mail – do older women look good with long hair? Vixen & Blush Makeover

Best Hair Extensions
Best Hair Extensions are the hair extensions that make you feel good and that you can wear with confidence. They need to look natural. Vixen & Blush is the home of natural looking hair extensions.